• December 19 2011 by Erin


      This is an interesting issue of Discourse because most of the issue came to us from Australia and New Zealand. Two articles take us deep into the kite-buggy world and have something familiar in common: passion. Follow Charlie Watson as he spends two weeks with old friends – some people, some kites! – following his buggy passion. Then follow the Thuillier brothers as they go farafield and buggy the Brazilian coast.
  • December 12 2011 by Erin


    "After 17 years of collecting, studying, documenting, digitizing and finally redesigning a massive website that could not only hold the DF collection, but also the world’s kite collections, I am delighted to share these examples of how the new website is working!" 
  • December 12 2011 by Erin


    The magic of the Checkley family touched many in the kiting world. Beginning with Dave and Dorothea and ending with their daughter Liz, the Checkley's embraced the kiting community, sharing their love of kiting and making friends throughout the world. We will miss them all.
  • December 05 2011 by Erin


      For the 6th KIWA Exhibition held in the Kyoto City Museum in April 2011, we devoted space to woodblock printed kites!  This coveted collection of print kites made their way to the United States and are featured in two locations.
  • December 05 2011 by Erin


    Clear skies and enthusiastic participants made the Day of the Dead celebration in Tieton, Washington the best of the season. A program developed by Tieton Arts and Humanities, directed by Christopher Ornelas and Sylvia Imbach, empowered seniors of the local Highland high school to work giving cultural workshops for the community on this special day.
  • October 03 2011 by Erin


    On the afternoon of Sunday, September 11th Hiromi Paper International had their much anticipated drypoint woodblock and kite making workshop. This workshop was in collaboration with the Drachen Foundation and Christine Yuengling, who taught the drypoint woodblock technique. Scott Skinner also assisted with the workshop.
  • September 26 2011 by Erin


    During the endless hours I spent staring into two large computer screens in order to move digitized data to our new website, I would take breaks and let my mind go wandering through the information that I was moving. My break would be to discover something interesting, an archival piece, a book, a series of photos, or even a document. One day I came across some written notes I had made after a endearing session with kitemaker Reza Regheb. My break from moving data, was renewing my relationship with him. - Ali Fujino
  • September 21 2011 by Erin


    Last call to join us as a publishing patron for the first definitive publication on the traditional kite making of Guatemala. Over 120 pages, 10.5 x 11 inches portrait format in full color with two pull out panoramas. This publication will capture over a decade of work with the kitemakers of Guatemala and document recurring culture, tradition and ritual of the kite festivals.
  • September 19 2011 by Erin


    The exciting difference between Discourse and our previous publication, the Journal, is that articles come from anyone and anywhere in the world. Rather than passing through the Journal editorial filter that began with Ben Ruhe, articles for Discourse are left, to the greatest extent possible, in the original words of the writers.
  • September 19 2011 by Erin


    I’d like to take you on a guided tour of the new Drachen Foundation website, and in the process, help kite enthusiasts, researchers, and collectors to pass on their passion for all things kite-like.  Our intent, when redesigning the Foundation website, was to organize over fifteen years of information so that it is clearly presented, readily searchable, and useful to kite enthusiasts, teachers, and the general public.
  • September 18 2011 by Erin


    As a supporter of Drachen, we thank you for being a part of our survey our new website. 
  • August 05 2011 by Scott


    After months of work by the Drachen Foundation Board, the entire Foundation staff, and technical work by two outside organizations, the new Drachen Foundation website is here. These months have taken us back in time to when the organization started, by reminding us of many of the projects, books, workshops, exhibits, and kite stories we’ve been involved in. Likewise, the new website will revisit all of these endeavors – in a new and exciting, easy-to-navigate format – and bring the Foundation back to its original mission: to disseminate kite information, worldwide.
  • August 05 2011 by Scott


    It’s been interesting to see what individuals and organizations find their way to the Drachen Foundation’s doors and it proved out again as interaction at the Foundation led Ali Fujino and I to participate in the first International Mokuhanga Conference (IMC) in Kyoto, Japan. Ali, in learning more about mokuhanga (traditional Japanese woodblock printing on damp paper) attended classes taught by Richard Steiner of KIWA (Kyoto International Woodblock Association), who suggested we take part in IMC.
  • August 05 2011 by Ali


    This is the last call to become a publishing patron for the first definitive publication on the traditional kite making of Guatemala.
  • December 09 2010 by Ali


    The field of artists is gaining in interest. Mark Rice submitted the print below to our moku hanga contest, which prompted me to email him and ask him the following questions. Ali Fujino: How did you find out about the exhibition? Mark Rice: I was told about it by a RISD faculty member. I had just had an exhibition of my own about kites and they sent me a link to your exhibition. Here is a ink to my kite show: