Hand Papermaking: 20th Anniversary Issue

This  issue of the magazine Hand Papermaking (Volume 21, Number 1) features  paper in flight and includes Waves to Washi to Wings, an article by DF Board president, Scott Skinner, on handmade paper in Japanese kites, and an interview with artist Leslie Dill, printer Gail Deery, and Skinner, who collaborated on a ten-foot art kite to commemorate Hand Papermaking’s anniversary. Other articles include Marie-Hélène Reynaud on the Montgolfier Brothers and the Invention of Aviation, Elaine Koretsky on the Fire Balloons of Myanmar, Brian Queen on Building and Flying Paper Hot-Air Balloons, and Anne McKeown on contemporary artist Byron Kim’s Sky Blue Kite. The issue also includes bonus instructions for building and flying a miniature kite (available only in this issue), designed by artist Lesley Dill and engineered by Ali Fujino.

(Magazine format with softcover/ full color/ 48 pages/ 2006)