Paper In Flight

This DVD by Hungarian videographer and artist Tony Bodóczky documents Paper in Flight, a project with eight international paper kite artists conducted by The Drachen Foundation in Japan from March 25 through April 2, 2006. The artists—Eveline Bischof, István Bodóczky, Tony Bodóczky, Alessia Marrocu, Anna Rubin, Robert Trépanier, Scott Skinner, and Daniela Zitzmann—toured Kyoto, visited hand paper makers, then created and exhibited kites in Kochi. The DVD includes both long (37 minutes) and short (11-1/2 minutes) versions of the project overview, interviews with the artists (20 minutes total), moving images of Kyoto (7 minutes), and a tour of Kyoto with Robert Singer and the artists (30 minutes). NTSC or PAL version.

Produced by the Drachen Foundation

Created by Tony Bodozcky