Accessioning For Small Museums Procedures Manual

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: Rebecca Walker
Creation Year: 1993
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Summary: ISBN: 0 7242 56 43 1 Language: English Description: This manual has been adapted for small museums from the manual used by the History and Technology section of the Queensland Museum. It is not a complete guide to the management of small historical museums: at the back of this manual you will find listed a number of publications (including the Queensland Museum's A manual for small museums and keeping places) which cover these broader issues of museum management. This manual deals with the practical management of collections up to the point at which they are stored. That is, it covers the acquisition and documentation of historical objects. We believe that if objects are properly managed from the beginning they can be used to their full potential: this manual aims to help that to happen. 30 pgs
Type: Book
Geographic: Australia
Materials: Paper
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Accessioning For Small Museums
Procedures Manual