Aerial Photographs Taken from a Kite Yesterday and Today

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: Geoffroy de Beauffort.
Creation Year: 1995
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Summary: ISBN: 2-9600048-3-3 Language: English Description: Kite aerial photography has become relatively easy thanks to the wide range of material available to the amateur nowadays. Nowadays, all it requires is a bit of common sense and experience, and with no great risk you are able to produce results which will amaze even the most blase. However, we cannot strongly enough emphasize the element of safety which must always prevail over any other consideration, be it in the choice of the various components of the equipment, the regular checkups of these components or during photographic flight itself. Nothing should be left to chance, and safety should constantly be on the mind of the operator. Further on we will mention some of the basic rules which should be carefully respected by everyone and at all time. This handbook is for beginners as well as for the experienced. It consists of historical, theoretical and practical texts written by the authors and of a compilation of articles from our members, previously published in KAPWA periodicals. So it really is the result of long and wide, collective and international experience. 142 pages
Type: Book
Geographic: United States
Materials: Paper
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Aerial Photographs Taken from a Kite
Yesterday and Today