April 14 1978 kite journal page

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: Leland Toy
Creation Year: 1978
Width: 0.00
Length: 0.00
Height: 0.00
Summary: Handwritten kite flying journal by Lee Toy. Near daily entries with many illustrations. Front page: "This is a kite flying journal, Est. since April 19, 1978 Each day of flight will be listed along with the following information: 1. Wind conditions and weather and location 2. Type of kite flown and dimensions (in inches + cm) 3. Length of line and type 4. Reel type 5. Flight characteristics and general comments a. angle of flight using a measuring device see insert b. altitude see insert for calculations c. corrections and adjustments for successful flight. tail, bridal, bow, balance."
Type: Document
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April 14 1978 kite journal page