Arrival of 1/3 scale Bali Kite Janggan Seattle Washington

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: Alison Fujino
Creation Year: 2001
Width: 6.5 feet
Length: 5.5 feet
Summary: These kites were commissioned by the Drachen Foundation through Adnyana Nyoman of Bali. Since the originals are two times larger, it was decided to have good kites made in a size which would be detailed and a good replica of the original kites. Work was done by village kite makers of the original materials, bamboo sparring and nylon/synthetic material sails. the overall hieght is 5 foot by 6 inches, width 6 feet by 5 inches. Add 2 ft 5 inches for the head.
Type: Photo/s
Geographic: Indonesia
Kite Type: Figure
Materials: Bamboo, Nylon/Synthetic, Plastic
Significance: Art, Cultural
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Opened shipping box, Drachen Foundation Seattle Open box, packed kite Staff member opening box