Bell and Baldwin Their Development of Aerodromes and Hydromes at Baddeck, Nova Scotia

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: J.H. Parkin
Creation Year: 1964
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Summary: Language: English Description: "Alexander Graham Bell is known chiefly as the inventor of the telephone, but his contributions to aerial flight and hydrofoil craft, although less widely known, were of great importance. In this book Dr. Parkin presents a detailed chronicle of the fascinating experiments in aerial flight and with hydrofoil craft conducted by Dr. Bell and his engineering assistant and collaborator, Frederick Walker (Casey) Baldwin, at Baddeck, Nova Scotia. Bell was the chairman and Baldwin the chief engineer of the Aerial Experiment Association (1907-9), a group founded, inspired, and financed by Mrs. Bell: the successes of the Association, it will be seen, were based largely on logical, step-by-step development under the guiding genius of Dr. Bell. The detailed, day-by-day records of the group's operations kept by Dr. Bell make abundantly clear that his scientific and technical contributions, and his guidance and criticism, were of great importance to the development of aviation and hydrofoils. His keen analytical and deductive mind was at its best in analysing failures and propounding remedies, as in the suggestion of the aileron following the crash of the "Red Wing." Dr. Parkin provides here a brief description of Bell's amazing kite experiments, which extended over many years, and led to his powered-flight projects; and, to place the work of Bell and Baldwin in proper perspective, and to enable their accomplishments to be assessed, he has included a brief record of the prior art, including descriptions of the machines, early designers, builders, and pilots, including the Wrights, the Voisins, Bleriot and Santos Dumont. He also presents the hitherto unpublished details of the remarkable development of hydrofoil craft at Baddeck, culminating after many years, in the spectacular achievement, in 1919, of 70.85 miles per hour, by the HD-4, the fastest craft afloat at that time. This account of their work is especially timely in view of the current high interest in hydrofoil craft in the U.S.S.R., the United States, Canada, and Europe. J. H. PARKIN, now retired, was First Director of the National Aeronautical Establishment, National Research Council of Canada, and served as Senior Consultant, National Research Council, until 1961. He is a graduate engineer, and has received many professional awards and honours." 555 pages
Type: Book
Geographic: Canada, United States
Materials: Paper
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Bell and Baldwin
Their Development of Aerodromes and Hydromes at Baddeck, Nova Scotia Bell and Baldwin
Their Development of Aerodromes and Hydromes at Baddeck, Nova Scotia