Dave Santos Journal

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: Dave Santos
Creation Year: 2006
Summary: David Santos Gorena-Guinn works full time on Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) based primarily on classic kite methods. He grew up steeped in all aspects of aviation and has an extensive aerospace robotics background. Over a period of decades, Dave designed and flew numerous unique UAVs, from robotic blimps to tethered flying wings, and even mini tethered turbine generators. He is a founder of Austin's celebrated Robot Group and the rapidly growing KiteLab Group. He publicly demonstrated self-flying AWE with a ground-based generator in August of 2007, and in January of 2009 presented an AWE Seminar at the University of Texas Aerospace Department. He is a passionate advocate of open cooperative research for energy equity and to address the threat of climate change. "Given global urgency to develop new sources of renewable energy, it is highly desirable to rapidly create and share possible key novel concepts in Airborne Wind Energy (AWE). The sketches presented here are from my ongoing journal of ideas and experiments in AWE conducted under the KiteLab name, starting in 2006. A parallel written correspondence exists, especially as posts to the AWE Forum: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/airbornewindenergy. I am grateful to the people of the Drachen Foundation, the World Kite Museum, KiteShip, and KiteLab Group for encouragement and assistance in this work." - David Santos Gorena-Guinn
Type: Document
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Geographic: United States
Significance: Historical, Scientific