Die Beobachtungen der Marine-Drachenstationen Breedene/Meer und St. Michel bei Brugge in den Jahren 1915-1918

Collection Name: Scott Skinner Collection
Artist or Author: Professor Dr. William Peppler
Creation Year: 1914
Summary: From the archives of the German Naval Observatory 56th band No. 2 The observations of the marine stations Breeedene/Meer and St. Michel in Brugge in the years 1915-1918 The kite and tethered balloon ascents by Professor Dr. William Peppler Continuation of Volume 47 of the "archive" united in 1920 to four essays published in 1925 "Aerological and hydrographic observations of the German naval stations during the war tent, 1914-1918" published in Hamburg 1936. Written in German, collected by Hans Snoek.
Type: Document
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Geographic: Germany
Significance: Scientific