Dieu Sao: Preliminary Notes on the Flute Kites of vietnam

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Artist or Author: Uli Wahl and Paul Chapman
Creation Year: 2011
Width: 8.5 in
Height: 11 in
Summary: A research journal on the Dieu Sao kite of Vietnam, a paper as a result of two weeks in April 2011, spent in and arouond Hanoi where Uli Wahl and Paul Chapman searched for and found the Vietnamese Dieu Sao flute kites. This study would not have come to be without the support of generous Vietnamese friends. Great assistance from Mr. Quan Hang Cao for translations and paitent explanation. etimated 65 pages/photos illustrations copyright Uli Wahl and Paul Chapman 2012
Type: Article
Geographic: Vietnam
Kite Type: Bowed
Materials: Bamboo, Paper
Significance: Cultural, Sport