The Eddy Kite: William A. Eddy Workshop-Edition #001

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: Holm Struck
Creation Year: 2007
Summary: A wonderful "how to" booklet written and produced by German kitemaker Holm Struck for the Kitemakers Conference at Fort Worden, February 22-25, 2007. This booklet accompanies Struck's own historical reproduction of the William A. Eddy kite. Chapter 1: Preparations | Materials and preparation Chapter 2: Woodwork | Assembling the frame Chapter 3: The Sail |Sewing the cloth Chapter 4: Assembling | Completion of the kite with a pulley and bridle Appendix: Material list, Drawings and US Patent
Type: Photo/s
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Geographic: Germany, United States
Kite Type: Bowed
Materials: Dowel, Cotton
Significance: Historical, Scientific