Ellehammer Kite

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Artist or Author: Carsten Kiehn
Creation Year: 2014
Width: 400 cm
Length: 200 cm
Summary: Replica in 1/3 of the original. Constructor: Jakob Christian Hansen Ellehammer The original kite had the sailing dimensions: 9 m wingspan 4.5 m length plus And was designed as an isosceles triangle The center rod was doubled and connected by cord windings He is connected directly to the ground by four flying lines In the center of gravity of the dragon was a fifth line mounted on which one could climb up This should be the first man-carrying kite
Type: Photo/s
Related Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch
Geographic: Denmark
Kite Type: Bowed
Materials: Bamboo, Cotton
Significance: Historical
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Ellehammer Kite