Fishing for Angels The Magic of Kites

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: David Evans
Creation Year: 1991
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Length: 0.00
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Summary: ISBN: 1-55037-162-2 Language: English Description: This book offers information on the origin of kites, their early religious and cultural significance and their development as creative tools for recreation and celebration. The book also features stories and legends, as well as a glossary. The last section contains information on how to build a basic kite, what materials to look for and what to do once you get outside. The magic of kites has thrilled people since ancient times. Before bringing adults and children out together on a windy day, kites have long had a variety of practical uses and religious significance. In ancient Asia, kites were used to raise spies up in the sky to observe enemy positions. Kites were also used for weather forecasting, and for fishing. In North America Alexander Graham bell experimented extensively with kites in his quest for human flight. Today kite festivals are held in almost every country of the world. Some, like those in India and the Far East, have ancient roots. 63 pages
Type: Book
Geographic: Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Peoples Republic of China
Materials: Paper
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Fishing for Angels
The Magic of Kites Fishing for Angels
The Magic of Kites