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Artist or Author: kisa
Creation Year: 2004
Summary: „ flugfeld“ ( flight field ) is the place we fly or the place farmers grow plants. As a LandArt installation the „flugfeld“ contains both. It is a strange plant-creature with fliers instead of flowers. „flugfeld“ makes the movement of the wind visible. In low wind the kites can not touch the ground,. When wind comes up they start wipping and slowly climbing high. It seems like they are danceing and communicating together. In strong winds they are flying up and down even backwoods over ground.
Type: Photo/s
Related Link: http://kisa.de/kite/flugfeld.htm
Geographic: Germany
Materials: Nylon/Synthetic, Fiberglass, Ripstop
Significance: Art
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valley of the gods blue sky cervia 2008