Gassaku hanging wall scroll

Collection Name: Scott Skinner Collection
Artist or Author: Ito Shinnsui & Takahama
Creation Year: 1930
Width: 10.00 inches
Length: 101.00 inches
Summary: A "Gassaku" or "Joint effort" wall scroll painting, painting from artist Ito Shinsui and poet Takahama. The title is "Kanto"(Happy Town, and the poem is "Fukubiki ni ikkoku o hikiaten ka na". Which translates, "Ah, what greater happiness than drawin well in the lottery of life!". The kite is an Edo-dakko style with a red sun over blue waters, and a purple sky.
Type: Article
Geographic: Japan
Kite Type: Accessory
Materials: Bamboo, Dowel, Cotton
Significance: Art, Cultural, Historical
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Gassaku wall scroll close up of Gassaku kite kite scroll box box with scroll