George C. Farnesworth - Kite Fisherman

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Artist or Author: Rose Hinze
Creation Year: 1912
Width: 4 1/2 "
Height: 2 3/4"
Summary: This picture is in my grandmother's photo album. The people look like my great uncle Fred Goette, his wife Amy and my great aunt Marie Goette. Note the boxkite pictured on the sign behind the lady to the right. Several members of the family took a trip from San Francisco to Pasadena and Catalina around 1912. George C. Farnsworth developed kite fishing in the Catalina area in 1909. He didn't make it public until 1911. He started with paper boxkites, but eventually preferred flat, square cloth kites, as seen at the link below. Search Google Books for "Californai Fish and Game", "Dwight G. French" to read more of the history. The full citation is: Dwight G. French, "Fishing at Santa Catalina Island - Its Development and Methods", California Fish and Game, Vol. 2 No. 1, January 1916, Pages 14-19.
Type: Photo/s
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Geographic: United States
Kite Type: Box\Cellular
Materials: Paper
Significance: Historical
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George C. Farnsworth, Kitefisherman