Hyperkite Five-pack

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Artist or Author: Randy Tom
Creation Year: 1982
Width: 2' 4""
Length: 7' 1"
Height: 1' 2"
Summary: This is a five-pack of Hyperkites, bought in the early 1980's. Made of ripstop nylon with wood spars, these were sport kites made to fly in stacks or trains. Sold in kite stores across the United States, they were popular because of their "show" potential when flown in very long stacks (30 kites +). Hyperkites have been the kite of choice for the Bay Area Sundowners, the oldest continual-performing sport kite team in the United States. Custom Hyperkites, with dynamic graphic sails were a specialty of kite artist Randy Tom. I remember them being sold in 3- and 6- packs, but this is a 5-pack, so that may be the way they were sold.
Type: Kite Object or Accessory
Geographic: United States
Kite Type: Bowed, Flat, Sport
Materials: Dowel, Ripstop
Significance: Sport, Commercial
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Hyperkite Five-pack