Journal De Voyages, et des aventures de terre et de mer. Journal of Voyages, and the adventures on land and sea.

Collection Name: Scott Skinner Collection
Artist or Author: Vintraut
Creation Year: 1889
Width: 9 inches
Height: 12 inches
Summary: Image is of a very large arch-top kite lifting a woman high over the city (probably Paris). Titled, "Journal des Voyages, et des aventuresde terre et de mer", probably "Journal of voyages and adventures on land and sea". "Voyage en cerf-volant. - La viole immense et legere s'eleva dans les airs" Whimsical view of a possibility, not a real event.
Type: Article
Geographic: France
Kite Type: Flat
Materials: Paper
Significance: Cultural, Historical, Sport
Images (click to open in viewer):
Journal des Voyages, Woman-lifting kite in France