Khmer Kites

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: Sim Sarak and Cheang Yarin
Creation Year: 2003
Width: 0.00
Length: 0.00
Height: 0.00
Summary: Language: Khmer (Cambodian) Description: Following decades of internal turmoil in Cambodia, a peaceful element of Khmer culture is experiencing a renaissance. The Khmer kite is taking to the skies again. Most famous of the Khmer kites is the Khleng Ek, or musical kite, equipped with a vibrating hummer that produces five divverent sounds, but through their research, authors Sim Sarak and Cheang Yarin have uncovered at least 27 distinct designs from various regions of Cambodia. It is their goal now to renew interest in this traditional pastime and to find craftsmen willing and able to teach the intricacies of kite making. 56 pages
Type: Book
Geographic: Cambodia
Kite Type: Figure, Flat
Materials: Bamboo, Paper
Significance: Cultural
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Khmer Kites Khmer Kites