Kite Flyer Newsletter

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: Lee Toy
Creation Year: 1978
Summary: Lee started the bimonthly kiting newsletter with Paul Walker in 1978, and while Paul left the endeavor, Lee kept publishing until 1985. Widely read among many in the kiting community, he infused his charm into information on local kiting events, kite people, and whimsical illustrations that brought the stories and kite plans to life. "It was a down-home production," he said. "But because there wasn't much kite news available then, it started to circulate nationally. A subscription cost $5. When one came in, I went right down to the Doggie Diner—the $5 was dinner." Lee was given the label of "kite vagabond," after he spent 18 months in 1982-1983 travelling the country on his motorcycle, "Snail," to spend time with other kite people and learn their ways. This kite vision quest gave him fodder for Kite Flyer writing (he published from borrowed typewriters on the road), enhanced his artistic inspiration and kitemaking abilities, and allowed him to meet so many of the people who knew him only through the colorful pages of Kite Flyer. 
Type: Document
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Geographic: United States
Significance: Art, Historical