The Kite Store Book of Kites

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: Mark Cottrell
Creation Year: 1988
Width: 8.5 inches
Length: 11 inches
Summary: A unique book of kite designs by British kiter Mark Cotrell, so if you feel like making a few of his stranger kites (some are quick to build, others can take weeks), most of which fly quite well and reading about his thoughts on certain types of kite design this book may be of interest to you. This booklet covers materials and techniques, and has designs for : double and triple sleds, swept wings, swept wing box kite, C22 and C33 ramfoil, keeled hexagon multi jib, flaix family of kites, whole world kite, cross tail box, mega mulitflare. Rules for flight, designing swept wings and deltas, lift capabilities and line strength, how hight...Copyright 1988
Type: Booklet
Geographic: United Kingdom
Kite Type: Bowed, Box\Cellular, Figure, Flat, Inflated, Sport
Materials: Metal, Nylon/Synthetic, Plastic, Carbon, Dowel
Significance: Historical, Scientific, Sport
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The Kite Store Book of Kites