Langley's Aerodrome and the Political Vulnerability of Government Research

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: Norris S. Heatherington
Creation Year: 1991
Width: 8.5 inches
Height: 11 inches
Summary: The United States took its first government sponsored venture in a heavier-than-air flying machine at the end of the nineteenth century, only to see the investment repaid many times over in the public ridicule early in the twentieth century. The occasion was a plunge into the Potomac River by Samuel Pierpont Langley's experimental Aerodrome. WWI Aero no. 131, index 137-130 February 1991 pages 3-23
Type: Article
Geographic: United States
Kite Type: Box\Cellular
Materials: Cotton
Significance: Historical
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WWI:  Aero  no. 131