Lindenberg June 23, 1935 Kite Flight

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Artist or Author: submitted by Walter Diem
Creation Year: 1935
Summary: Hans Steinhagen couldn't find any original information concerning the June 23rd 1935. The records may be given from Lindenberg to the central library of the Meteorological Service of the former GDR and given later on to the library of the Albert Einstein Science Park in Potsdam. But Hans had no success with his research because the records have no author. But: The former director of Lindenberg, Harald Koschmieder, wrote a (unpublished) work "Deutschlands Aeronautisches Obervatorium, sein Werden und sein Neuaufbau" and on page 15 one can find a summary of maximum hights in Lindenberg. And: Einzeldrachen (single kite) 3h 14 min, am 23.6.1935 7550 m (Aufstiegsleiter = master of ascent: Rudolf Grund). Another high ascent was made on 24.8.1934: they reached an altitude of 7320 m. And another record: 27.10.1942 a ascent reached an altitude of 7.970 m!! But there are no notes that this was a single kite work. Otto Rintisch was master of this ascent - but he isn't still alive. researched by Walter Diem, 10/13/2012 Hamburg, Germany
Type: Document
Geographic: Germany
Kite Type: Box\Cellular
Materials: Cotton
Significance: Historical, Scientific