A Modern Centipede

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Artist or Author: Bernhard Malle
Width: 164cm
Length: 3m
Summary: Building a centipede has long been on my wish list of new projects. One of the favourite kites for this purpose was a soft centipede, like the one that built and sold by Peter Lynn. The reason that I did not dare build one had alway been the complexity of this kite. After the Fan/'o meeting of 1994 I decided to take a closer look at this kite and I found out, that the kite is built out of lots of triangles with only two different sizes. I again was impressed by the genius of Peter Lynn, who has invented a kite, that looks for nice and complex, but is very easy to build and where you even can use scrap piece of ripstop. The following is a plan of my version of a soft centipede. I can not call it an orginal design, because it is built after the centipedes of Peter Lynn. This plan is published with permission of Peter Lynn (Thank you, Peter). It may be freely copied and distributed by anyone. It may not be reprinted in any magazine without my permission.
Type: Kite Object or Accessory
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Kite Type: Figure, Flat
Significance: Art, Historical