Nico van den Berg: Planwork of the Samuel Franklin Cody Kite N610

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: Nico van den Berg
Creation Year: 1998
Summary: The planwork of the "extended wing kite" of Samuel Franklin Cody, is done by historical kitemaker, Nico van den Berg, from the Netherlands. He has made this kite as original as possible, from photographs and the drawings of the "B" and the "Storm," kites.  This kite was commissioned by Scott Skinner for Drachen Foundation use in the touring exhibition of Kites to Kitty Hawk.  The value of this kite at the time was about  $1500.00 usd.  It was made by Nico and Toon Hannink.  I
Type: Document
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Geographic: Netherlands, United Kingdom
Kite Type: Box\Cellular
Materials: Bamboo, Dowel, Cotton
Significance: Historical