Parafoil Wind Tunnel Tests

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: John D. Nicolaides, Notre Dame University
Creation Year: 1971
Summary: External Parafoil wind tunnel tests have been carried out by the University of Notre Dame, in it's 2ft x 2 ft and in the NASA Langley 30 ft x 60 ft. tunnel. Parafoil model sizes ranged from .09 ft2 to 147 ft2 and Parafoil aspect ratios ranged from .5 to 3.0. The wind tunnel test velocities ranged frm approximately 20 ft per second to over 60 ft per second. The aerodynamic stability coefficients, CL, CD, CM, CMq + Cmq, Cy, and C1, were measured. Teh Parafoil remained self stall characteristics. Maximum lift coefficients from 0.751 to 1.005 were measured for Parafoils of different aspect ratio. Maxium lift to drag ratios ranging from 1.83 to 6.40 were measured for the various Parafoil designs. The various wind tunnel tests confirm both the static and the dynamic stability of the Parafoil in pitch, yaw, and roll. The results of these investigations are consolidated in this report by summary plots and special presentations. AF 33615-67-C-1670 AFFDL-TR 70-146 Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory FER Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio
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Geographic: United States
Kite Type: Inflated
Materials: Ripstop
Significance: Scientific