Rainbow Stunt Kite, Seven-stack

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Artist or Author: Steve Edeiken
Creation Year: 1982
Width: 2'
Length: 18'
Height: 2'
Summary: Rainbow Stunt Kite, Seven-stack. Ripstop and aluminum diamond-shaped kites flown in train of seven. A competitor of Hyperkites, this was another company that pushed the sport kite industry forward, from predominately diamond-shaped single stunt kites to kite trains, and finally to big-wing sport kites like the Hawaiian Team kite. I recall these being sold in 3- and 6-packs and with the clip-on system, more kites could be easily added. Rainbow Stunt kite company was started by Steve Edeiken, who tragically died in a kite accident in 1983.
Type: Kite Object or Accessory
Geographic: United States
Kite Type: Bowed, Sport
Materials: Ripstop
Significance: Sport, Commercial
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Rainbow Stunt Kite, Seven-stack Rainbow Stunt Kite, Detail, clip-on system