Rogallo Flexible Kite Replica

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Artist or Author: Victor Sinatra II
Creation Year: 2013
Width: 15 inches
Length: 21 inches
Summary: Replica of a Rogallo Flexikite. Tarp material was used as Mylar was rather hard to find in the proper thickness. Completely sparless single membrane plastic parawing. Bi-conic wing design reminds one of the early hang gliders. Flies at very high angles and can be easily dual lined. Very survivable even when compared to Jalbert parafoils due to its single membrane wing. This is a single keel design compared to the often twin keel NPW series and does not generate as much lift or pull as twin keel designs. Six leg jute bridle while the flying line is thick sewing thread. Tail length is 48 inches for light winds and 87 inches or more for strong or gusty winds.
Type: Kite Object or Accessory
Geographic: United States
Kite Type: Inflated
Materials: Plastic
Significance: Scientific
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Rogallo Flexible Kite in Flight Rogallo Kite Rest/Tension