Shimpan Tako Zukushi, 9 Japanese kite pictures

Collection Name: Scott Skinner Collection
Artist or Author: Unknown
Creation Year: 1865
Width: 9.5 inches
Height: 14 inches
Summary: Shimpan Tako Zukushi, 9 kite pictures by an unknown artist. Oban (large-format) ukiyo-e (woodblock print) depicting 9 kite images including four heroic images, 3 ji-dako (letter kites), three cranes, and what looks to be a gardener's or woodworker's crest. Color is faded, bt details are rich.
Type: Document
Geographic: Japan
Kite Type: Flat
Materials: Paper
Significance: Art, Cultural, Historical
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Shimpan Tako Zukushi, 9 kite pictures