"Shin-pan Doge-E" (Kite Fliers & policemen)

Collection Name: Scott Skinner Collection
Artist or Author: Kunitoshi
Creation Year: 1883
Width: 9.08 inches
Length: 14.06 inches
Summary: An 8 panel Ukiyo-E showing comedic scenes from 18th century Japan (panels described from upper left to lower right) 1. Policeman pointing at a boy tied up in the kite line of a Daruma Edo-kite, boy behind the policeman holding a read sun Edo. 2. Man tripping while pulling a rick-shaw, throwing letters 3. Man falling out of his chair, being spilled on by server 4. Large man falling on his back side off a bench 5. Man having top knot pulled by a monkey, on the back of another traveler with boy 6. 2 men with bamboo beating 2 dogs fighting in market place 7. Man with umbrella pushing boy back whose taking his hat with a pole 8. Boy hitting dog with bamboo, whose pulling a rick-shaw while man yells
Type: Article
Geographic: Japan
Materials: Paper
Significance: Art, Cultural, Historical
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Shin-pan Doge-E