Simple Wonders Toy stories to make and tell

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: S. Paramasivam and Cathy Spagnoli
Creation Year: 2001
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Summary: ISBN: 8186895493 Language: English Description: Ingenious, fun, resourceful. These are words that perhaps best describe folk toys. And here is a book that captures their spirit. Simple Wonders: Toy stories to make and tell draws from the vast storehouse of traditional Indian folk toys and shows children how to make imaginative playthings out of everyday materials that often go to waste. THe emphasis is more on the fun of creation rather than a perfectly finished toy. The easy-read instructions and clear pictures have been designed so children can work on their own, though younger ones may need a little help from an older child or adult. And there is more to make the imagination truly take wing. For along with each toy is a small story--a folktale or an original--to stimulate a multi-dimensional approach to craft activities. Folk riddles, sayings and bits of playful verse keep children in touch with traditional, earthy wit from different parts of the country. All of this makes the book as much for adults as for children; a precious resource for teachers to use in a classroom. A handy book, too, for long hours of creative play at home. For 8 years and above. Copyright 2001 S. Paramasivam and Cathy Spagnoli 47 pages
Type: Book
Geographic: India
Materials: Paper
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Simple Wonders
Toy stories to make and tell Simple Wonders
Toy stories to make and tell