Taiwan Kite Museum of Chiou Fen

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: Ben Ruhe
Creation Year: 2003
Summary: Weng Hsiang, of Chiou Fen, Taiwan has created the most charming hotel, restaurant and kite museum in Chiou Fen, Taiwan. Build to attract tourist, this inexpensive site is not to be missed. Among the collection of good Republic of China kites, he has collected many good contemporary western kites as well. There is little documentation in English, but that does not matter. The kites speak for themselves.
Type: Photo/s
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Geographic: Republic of China (Taiwan)
Kite Type: Bowed, Box\Cellular, Figure, Flat, Sport
Materials: Bamboo, Nylon/Synthetic, Plastic, Carbon, Dowel, Fiberglass, Paper, Ripstop, Silk, Cotton
Significance: Art, Cultural, Historical, Sport, Commercial