Tako Haiku: Four works from three books Peter Pauper Press 1955-1960

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Artist or Author: Peter Pauper Press 1955-1960
Creation Year: 1955
Summary: Life, a flying kite on a swinging string, that's all, but exquisite. Fallen now to earth after dancings, journyings, kite that lost its wind. In the morning breeze climbing on a single line goes my flying kite. In unending rain the house bound boy is fretting with his brand new kite. All the world is cold my flying line is trembling in the winter wind. From the mountain pass see the sunlit castle town flying new year kites. On the shining roof the boy's abandoned string ball soaking up spring rain. Beautiful kite buffeted by rude spring winds what strong fight you make. High sun still burning through the brightly dyed paper down to my earth bound face. What a monster kite! Even the bravest eagle would not dare attack! In the sudden burst of summer rain, wind blown kites sinking to the grass. Summertime sunshine hovering butterfly kite shadow by my side. Do I dare depend upon you for firm friendship fragile flying kite? Haiku started as the first three lines of a tanka, a five line verse form written by two people as a literary game, with two more lines composed by the second person in response. Haiku often contain seasonal references and reflect a Zen sensibility of direct perception of a transient reality. When published, the first three lines are printed with the completion left to the reader. These were adapted or in four cases quoted from three books of haiku published by Peter Pauper press in 1955-1960. Gary Hinze
Type: Document
Geographic: Japan
Kite Type: Bowed, Flat
Materials: Bamboo, Paper
Significance: Art, Cultural