A Time of Golden Dragons

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: Song Nan Zhang and Hao Yu Zhang
Creation Year: 2000
Width: 0.00
Length: 0.00
Height: 0.00
Summary: ISBN: 0-88776-506-8 Language: English Description: Dragon buns and dragon races, dragon legends and dragon songs: the dragon has become the symbol of the Chinese people. To mark the Year of the Golden Dragon (which coincides with the Western Millennium Year only once every 3,000 years), Song Nan Zhang and his son, Hao Yu, have created a book as gorgeous as an imperial dragon itself. A Time of Golden Dragons traces dragon history and dragon legends, and even provides readers with a way to chart dragon time every day and every year. It is a wonderful memento of the Year of the Golden Dragon and a fine introduction of one of the world's most powerful and irresistible symbols, sure to fascinate readers for years to come.
Type: Book
Geographic: Peoples Republic of China
Materials: Paper
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A Time of Golden Dragons A Time of Golden Dragons