Vortex Induced Vibrarion

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection
Artist or Author: Dave Lang
Creation Year: 2010
Summary: Vortex Induced Vibration: Authored by Dave Lang, March 6, 2010. When the wind-induced vortex shedding frequencies from lines are near the natural line vibration mode frequencies, then a condition termed “Lock-in” can occur in which resulting resonances can eventuate in operationally annoying oscillations of lines under tension. When these frequencies approach one-another to within even 20-30%, a Lock-in coalescence can occur. Therefore it would be prudent to know in advance whether such may become a problem with a projected atmospheric tether application. A very good example of such a situation might be a high-altitude, tethered, wind harvesting system rotary-kite system such as that proposed by Skymill Energy (with which I have some familiarity, and that presents a complex set of potential VIV environments as it progresses through its harvesting cycles). Open file....
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Geographic: United States
Significance: Scientific