Alexander Graham Bell Tetrahedral Kite Kit

This kite kit enables students to explore Alexander Graham Bell's classic tetrahedral kite design.  This version is created by USA kite artist Greg Kono.  He makes use of latex tubing to connect the spars.  The kit includes sails printed on 11 x 14 inch bond paper, the spars, latex tubing for the connectors, and easy to follow instructions. You supply the scissors, tape, and white glue.  Choose this four cell kit and expand with additional four cell packs. Recommended for 5th and up science and math units.  

Recommended Age: 5th grade and above

Decoration:  The simplest method is to use marker pens, but substituting the bond paper for more interesting light weight paper with color or patterns would work. NOTE:  do not increase the weight of the paper, match the weight of the bond.  

Ideal wind conditions for this kite:  Medium (a flag on a pole is steadily moving...but if the flag is flying straight out, it's too much wind!)

Sold as a single kite kit, but you can order as many as you want for a class or event.

Special offer: Recieve a 10% discount on orders of 10 or more kites.