Cambodian Kleng Bao Kite Kit 10 Pack


Created in Cambodia by the director of the Khmer Kite Museum, this distinctively shaped traditional children’s “pocket” kite kit or Kleng Bao is made of paper from Cambodia with a bamboo frame, and is flown by children throughout Cambodia.  Decorate with markers, ink, watercolor, or collage. Easy to assemble and easy to fly. Each 10 pack contains sail, tails, and bamboo spars for 10 kites along with 10 winders (kite line). You supply the scissors and tape.

Recommended Age: 5+

Ideal wind conditions for this kite:  Light (flag on a pole gently moving, not fluttering) to Medium (a flag on a pole is steadily moving, fluttering).

Special offer: Recieve a 10% discount on orders of 10 or more packages of 10 kite kits.