Guatemalan Children's Kite Kit

Created by kite makers in Sumpango, Guatemala, this kit includes a sturdy frame with white tissue sail (about 14” in diameter), extra sheets of different color tissue for creating a design on the sail, pre-folded tissue for the long flecos or fringe, and string for the bridle and flying line. Detailed assembly instructions with photos also included. You supply scissors and white glue.

Recommended Age: 5th grade and above

Decorating:  The sail is tissue paper, so light weight collaging, using pieces of the tissue paper will work.  Do not get your white sail too wet with glue. Mix white glue with water to thin it down and use glue sparingly.  Let sail completely dry before sparring.

Teaching:  Great for teaching Latin American studies, or about the country of Guatemala.

Ideal wind conditions for this kite:  Medium (a flag on a pole is steadily moving...but if the flag is flying straight out, it's too much wind!)

Special offer: Recieve a 10% discount on orders of 10 or more kites and recieve a free DVD with orders of 30 or more kites.