Kono Chinese Emperor and Empress Kite Kit 10 Pack

This whimsical but true to history Chinese figure kite will give you an opportunity to learn about Chinese kites. Based on a design of silk and bamboo, these figure kites were found in early China. Ours is by Greg Kono, and of 11" x 17"  bond paper and bamboo. String on winder included.  Easy to make and fly, the only part which one might need help is to create the bow line across the back of the kite.

Purchase two kites per student and you will have enough materials to make both the Emperor and the Empress!

Recommended Age: 5th grade and above.

Decorations:  The simplest method would be to use marker pens to decorate.

Ideal wind conditions for this kite:  Medium (a flag on a pole is steadily moving...but if the flag is flying straight out, it's too much wind!)

Note: Sold only in packages of 10 kites.

Special offer: Recieve a 10% discount on orders of 10 or more packages of 10 kite kits.