Toki Kaku Dako Kite Kit

Created by Japanese master kite artist, Mikio Toki, who specializes in making Edo kites, this rectangular kite is the shape most often associated with Edo, or Tokyo. It is 11 3/4 inches, and made of washi (Japanese paper), with bamboo spars from Japan. A favorite among art and social studes/history teachers, this kite can be integrated with lessons in Japanese culture and visual arts. Decorate with markers, watercolor, ink, or collage; the shape also easily accommodates woodblock prints.

Also available in packages of ten kites.

Recommended Age: Appropriate for age seven and older.

Ideal wind conditions for this kite:  Light (flag on a pole gently moving, not fluttering) to Medium (a flag on a pole is steadily moving, fluttering).

Special offer: Recieve a 10% discount on orders of 10 or more kite kits.