Yoshizumi Japanese Fish Kite Kit 10 Pack

Created by Japanese master kite artist, Nobuhiko Yoshizumi, this 9” diamond-shaped kite is made of washi (Japanese paper), with bamboo spars from Japan. You supply scissors and white glue.   This is one of the traditional children's kites of Japan. A favorite among art and social studies/history teachers, this kite can be integrated with lessons in Japanese culture and visual arts.

Recommended Age: 7+

Decorations: The simplest method would be to use marker pens, watercolor, ink or collage, (be mindful of the moisture of the glue and build up of the paper layers, let the sail completely dry before applying spars). Try  substituting the bond paper for more interesting light weight paper with color or patterns would work. Note: do not increase the weight of the paper, matching the weight of the bond paper supplied is critical in the flight of this kite.  

Ideal wind conditions for this kite: Light ( a flag on a pole is gently moving, not fluttering) to Medium (a flag on a pole is steadily moving, fluttering in the wind).

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