Kite Cultures

South America

In a continent as large as South America, many local kite traditions exist, but the most well known is the fighting-kite culture of Brazil. The...
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Taiwan presents the interesting example of a region where a kite culture –...
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Kite flying as a sport has been popular in Thailand for at least the last 700 years....
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The Middle East

The Middle East is a region that encompasses Western Asia and North Africa. It encompasses the countries of Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Saudi...
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United States

Kite tradition in the United States rests squarely upon the shoulders of Benjamin Franklin and his experiment to prove that lightning was “...
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The musical kites of Vietnam are a single, symmetrical wing, much like the Pechukan of Bali, equipped...
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The World’s Largest Kite – The world’s largest kite was commissioned by the Al Farsi Family of Kuwait and was designed by Peter Lynn. The kite had a lifting area of 1,250 meters square (4,101 square feet) and when laid flat had a wingspan of 65 meters. The kite was flown at the Kite Festival Berck sur Mer in 2011 and is so finely balanced, that even when the kite is pulling with over a ton of weight, just one person on the nose line can bring it down.