Kite Cultures

South America

In a continent as large as South America, many local kite traditions exist, but the most well known is the fighting-kite culture of Brazil. The...
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Taiwan presents the interesting example of a region where a kite culture –...
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Kite flying as a sport has been popular in Thailand for at least the last 700 years....
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The Middle East

The Middle East is a region that encompasses Western Asia and North Africa. It encompasses the countries of Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Saudi...
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United States

Kite tradition in the United States rests squarely upon the shoulders of Benjamin Franklin and his experiment to prove that lightning was “...
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The musical kites of Vietnam are a single, symmetrical wing, much like the Pechukan of Bali, equipped...
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The Oldest Recorded Western Kite Still in Existence – The oldest kite still in existence is a Dutch Peartop paper kite owned by Peter Lynn. The kite is currently thought to be at least 237 years old – it was created at least as early as 1773. The kite was found between the ceiling and floor of the first and second stories of a Dutch rowhouse, and pages from a book published in 1700 were used in the kite’s construction.