• “Thinking is the recognition of my ideas from the response of others.” - Alexander Kluge What does a happy child on top of a mountain at the Argentinian Patagonia have in common with a group of youngsters living in poor conditions but enjoying a beautiful experience at the delta of the Rio de la Plata River in Buenos Aires? And with many other children all over Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, China, and Italy? Or with a grandfather who inhabits the joyful space of a gathering with his grandson?
  • For children of Ruca Choroi Neuquen, Argentina, kites are not something new. Back in 2005, Gustavo Sonzogni, a great kiteflier, and I started a kite building and flying experience that continued over several years throughout the region. We made more than 500 kites with schools and kids belonging mostly to the Mapuche community.
  • The space that Discourse enables for the friends of kites all over the world is especially interesting because it allows us to also talk about our experiences in many different contexts. Trips, work with intercultural groups, workshops with children of isolated rural schools deep in Patagonia…. These topics have been covered — but this time I want to share a very special story about pirates, Argentine kites and literature.
  • Harry and Charlie Thuillier are two brothers from the United Kingdom. This August they decided to kite buggy along the coastline of Brazil from Natal to Jericoacoara. They did it without vehicle support, without being able to speak Portuguese, and having only had one lesson in kite buggying. Harry takes up the story…
  • “I have a vision of the Songlines stretching across the continents and ages; that wherever men have trodden they have left a trail of song…!” – Bruce Chatwin  There are times at the “Cordillera de los Andes,” especially in Aluminé, Neuquén, Argentina, when the wind is not particularly “kite friendly...” 
  • Ines Elvira Uribe, of Medellin, Colombia, not only holds an annual international kite festival in her city but attends the occasional festival elsewhere around the world. Although some countries in South America have booming kite industries (Brazil’s beaches teem with fliers), few South American kiters other than Uribe, an educator by profession, move outside their continent to demonstrate their considerable art.
  • Being placed on Thomas Jeckel’s Websites is sort of like praying for rain and receiving a downpour that washes out the valley. Delightful at first, his postings start to overload your screen, or at least your nervous system. Yet the thought of erasure never occurs. Amid the oddities and incoherencies, there are wonderful postings------------ weekly, daily, hourly.