Blog Entries

  • A new exhibition, "Birds, Birds, Birds" has just been installed at The World Kite Museum in Long Beach, Washington. It is an exhibit of "Western" bird kites, and is quite timely. Fall bird migration is at its peak on north-south flyways across the globe, and Washington State is a major thoroughfare for birds migrating south from the Arctic. Hearing about this exhibition spurred a look at all the kites in DF's Collection tagged with the keyword, "bird."
  • I've been lucky enough to visit Japan more than a dozen times since my first trip in 1989, but it's been over twenty years since I experienced the organized chaos of Hamamatsu. On that first trip, with Dorothea Checkley, we attended five festivals in 7 days: Sagara, Fujisaki, Hirosaki, and Hamamatsu, along with the JKA annual festival. I still have vivid memories of the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Hamamatsu and was excited by the prospect of attending the festival again this year.