• Featured Archive Item: Bell Tetrahedral Cells & the Bell Tetra Challenge After his description of Bell's Sable Island kite in the last newsletter, DF Board President Scott Skinner discusses Bell's tetrahedral cells and announces Drachen's Bell Tetra Challenge.
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  • Featured Archive Item: 1890s Korean Kites Korean Kites-Antique to Antic at The Drachen Foundation
  • Featured Archive Item: Roch Donzella “Monobloc” Replica
  • Featured Archive Item: Panama Hotel Paper Kite Interviews As DF’s Paper in Flight artists prepare for their residency in Japan, now seems an appropriate moment to showcase interviews with the eight artists who participated in DF’s similar paper kite project, a residency at Seattle’s Panama Hotel in 2003. Part of Drachen’s archive, the interviews are being posted for the first time on the DF website. They are accompanied by images of the artists at work and of kites each artist created during the week-long residency. 
  • Featured Archive Item: The Blue Hill Box Kite Is a replicate Blue Hill Box kite part of the DF Archive? No. It hangs at the Museum of Science, Boston. But the DF Archive contributed crucially to the kite’s construction, and the experience of Chuck Donaldson illustrates how kite makers can benefit from Drachen’s archive.