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The World’s Smallest Kite

The World’s Smallest Kite – Nobuhiko Yoshizumi of Kyoto, Japan created the world’s smallest kite in 1999. The kite measures 8mm x 10mm and is a flyable Sode Dako. The kite was created for the 2nd Annual Great Miniature Kite Contest.

The World’s Largest Kite

The World’s Largest Kite – The world’s largest kite was commissioned by the Al Farsi Family of Kuwait and was designed by Peter Lynn. The kite had a lifting area of 1,250 meters square (4,101 square feet) and when laid flat had a wingspan of 65 meters. The kite was flown at the Kite Festival Berck sur Mer in 2011 and is so finely balanced, that even when the kite is pulling with over a ton of weight, just one person on the nose line can bring it down.